Slum Village Villa Manifesto – Album Review

If you took the time to check this entry, it makes sense to you as to why this album and group is in congruence with the objective focus on quality goods here at Lifestyle Magazine.

Myspace Music still holds the crown in regards to music affectionado services on the web, which is where I caught wind of this new release by S to the V. entitled
Villa Manifesto.

There was that question as to whether or not the new release would  live up to my expectations, as many artists and groups that were once know as
“set apart”
with their productions, fell victim to the autotune dilemma.

Yet and still, I investigated the matter, as I saw that this album had original tracks produced by J-Dilla, and upon listening, it is as close to the original Slum Village sound that I have heard since the various member changes and passing of J -Dilla.

Of course, it never seems to be as good as the first time as Sade sings, and it is still wishful thinking on my part for someone to exceed the level of effects from the first time, but for now, be sure to not sleep on this album, and if you just have to sleep, just sleep with the album and the relaxing and therapeutic qualities that it offers.