Wanna Be Startin' Someting – The Michael Jackson Mystery Unveiled

It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
You’re a vegetable, you’re a vegetable

Michael Jackson
Wanna Be Startin Something


Thinking way outside the box while existing outside of it simultaneously is what enables The Pimpin” to give all who care to be in the know the full breakdown on the mystery of Michael Jackson and the current trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

IMHO, Micheal Jackson kept it all the way “P” by making a song that explains in clear detail what the end results are, were, and will forever continue to be for individuals who attempt to play both sides against the middle.

The video clip below contains an enlightening sphynx like riddle.

Lift your head up high
And scream out to the world
I know I am someone
And let the truth unfurl
No one can hurt you now
Because you know what’s true
Yes, I believe in me
So you believe in you
Help me sing it, ma ma se,
Ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa
Ma ma se, ma ma sa,
Ma ma coo sa

-Michael Jackson
Wanna Be Startin Something


A different perspective to consider.