(Repost) Facebook & Single Mothers – Is There A Connection?

(Editors Note – Wednesday February 13, 2013)

Originally Published on: Mar 16, 2010 @ 11:31

We have had 2 years, 335 days and numerous world changing events since the date of this articles first posting, and today, the decision has been made to repost the article the day after the historic U.S. 2013 State Of The Union Address to ponder on whether or not this simple yet complex matter of social media relationships plays a part on the overall direction that many people, places, and things are headed.

In my honest opinion, its really about time.

(End Note)

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Before you jump bad on the header image, let the record reflect that it is one of the highest ranking image searches on Google, so this Tuesday Newsday installment is definitely one to grown on, plus in all honesty, I think the shirt message is fly.

I almost talked myself out of posting any content today for reasons that I will explain later, yet I see my fingers moving on the keyboard as if they have a mind of their own, so let it be.


That is a popular word, and in actuality as you know, it is the name of a social networking website. It is in fact just a website, and perhaps I am able to perceive it in that way because I am actually employed at a website which holds the content that you are now reading.

I do tend to spend a little bit of time on the social networking sites, as they are flag points for this online publication, and part of my job description entails that I observe the ins and out from an administrative perspective.

What I will share with you today is an insider tip, which is that all websites actually do have an idea and philosophy behind them, and the one here at PimpHop.com is actually put out in the forefront while others are buried in the fine print and attract individuals who tend to more or less follow the crowd, unaware of the agenda that a website may hold for its users.

Here is a business strategy quote from Facebook creator and CEO,
Mark Zakerburg which is more of what insiders in technology and business people may be paying attention to.

Facebook’s CEO and creator’s secret: “Move fast and break things.”
Mark Zuckerberg On Innovation

Since we are all grown ups, I can leave it to you to fill in your own blanks in regards to who and what may show up as broke in your own individual life experience, and just share the news and views from the head, which eventually makes its way to the body.

From my perspective, it may be a simple case of finding what I’m looking for, which is a part of being human, yet I cannot help but notice the amount of women and men in broken relationships when visiting most of the social networking sites, including the front runner known as Facebook.

I will distance myself on placing any of the blame on website creators and service providers as the facts reveal that an individual must choose to log on and pay attention to anything, including, but not limited to Internet websites.

This entry is simply to open up discussion and provoke thoughts, and again, it sheds some light on the reality that there is in fact always something behind all things, so I will leave you with a valid question that I have been asking myself since the start of 2010.

Which is correct?
A. Dysfunctional relationships cause individuals to spend extended amounts of time on Facebook.

B.Spending extended amounts of time on Facebook are the cause of dysfunctional relationships.

My estimation of the popular response is that It’s Complicated,
yet my two cents say only if and when individuals decide for it to be.

A different perspective to consider.