Twitter Upgrades Coming Soon – Video & Photo Uploads

Twitter has finally launched it’s upgrade initiatives and will be slowing rolling out the service upgrades to be made available for all of it’s users.

The primary point of interest is in the new video and photo upload option, which allows users to share videos and photos displayed along with their entries as opposed to posting a link to the files. This move is a strategic partnership between Twitter, YouTube(videos), and Flikr(photos) to move  the popular social networking website forward towards profitability.

The move is part of Twitter’s ongoing shift from promising startup to entrenched Web giant. While the four-year-old company has insisted on what it calls a “slow and thoughtful approach to monetization,” it’s been criticized for not turning a profit — or even proving that it has a viable business model. Earlier this year, Twitter launched “Promoted Tweets,” a money-making plan featuring 140-character ads purchased by companies like Starbucks and Red Bull.
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Website Profitability versus Website Popularity.
The saga continues.