Man Up – Newsweek Article Review

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome to yet another Tuseday Newsday installment which I sincerely hope that you find rewarding. Before we get into the discussion, an interesting point about this online publication that you are viewing relates to this article and how I actually became aware of it.

Every since I can remember, I have believed that there was a simple yet highly important reason as to why there are always a display of publications at any grocery store at the check out line entry point. I use my logic and conclude that most humans similar to myself, will frequently visit a grocery store throughout their lifetime in the U.S.A. When it comes to communication which is in this case, displayed through words and pictures, I have held the notion that someone thought to place the publications in a place where myself and others would see them and pick up the message, and the message many times seems to be geared towards shaping opinions about standards of conduct and beauty that the “special people” featured in the publications  represent as a standard to live up and buy in to.

What most likely happened is that I was sipping on some Pimp Juice and intuitively became aware that at some point in the future, individuals would be focused on what was on their smart phone screen thought the day even when inside of the grocery store and while in the checkout line, allowing me to put my bid in and offer a different perspective in the process, and ojala, what you see is what you get, but more on that at a later date.

I have yet to really comb through the article as I believe that I will have a different take on matters, yet the cover and title of this particular issue did draw my attention to a matter that I have been pondering on for a few years now after the increasing popularity of fashionable trends for males previously attributed to women, such as long hair, and earnings and studs for both ears, so I am seeking ways that we as a company can offer support for other young adult males to reach their full potential and attain an ideal and healthy degree of masculinity.

In marketing circles, there is an insider scoop that indicates that one of the hottest selling tickets in business and even on the web is in the area of what is known as male inadequacy.

While watching advertisements for sporting events, as well as political themed shows, I see that many products being sold are based on the premise of gaining a greater sense of manhood from the investment. Fast food, alcoholic beverages, automobiles, apparel, and percription drugs are the most frequently featured advertisements, which are being targeted towards males who wish to attempt to buy a greater degree of masculinity.

I am going to conduct some more research in regards to the process in which masculinity has been lost in the first place and is on a decline in order to even create a greater demand for it to be attained in the first place, and look for new and improved solutions to offer in the near future, yet I am willing to bet that it like all other matters of self perspective will be shown to be based on exactly who or what each and every individual allows and empowers to act as a credible authority on the subject, and my own personal opinion would hold that none other that who or that which created the species known as humans with a a pre set nature standard for each gender class that overides any cultural influence from a society will still have the final say.

Stay Tuned.

A different perspective to consider.