Middle Class? I Aint Heard Of That!

(T.G.I.T.) Thank God It’s Tuesday.
Today we will begin the week by educating ourselves about the terms and conditions which define our reality, and if you are wondering why in the world Don Magic Juan’s image is displayed in an article about class, other than the fact that it was to make you check up on this, the answer is simple and interesting.

I was looking for an image on Google and when I typed in the term Middle class, it showed me all images of Caucasian Americans, with a few Barack Obama images sprinkled in as that is an important area of focus for his administration as well for reasons that you already are aware of.

I then noticed that there was a more specific title link for Black Middle Class, which indicated that there is a class system within a class system which classifies and categorizes by ethnicity.

I then saw this image in the header of Don Juan, and decided to make a go of it and see what the writer had to say, and it was one of those edjumacated blogs from a writer/activists/whatever he believes himself to be that you can review for yourself by clicking this link.

I still didn’t find what I was looking for as all of the names and terms in the blog were for and about educated people with no mention of Don Juan so I went ahead and moved forward and only learned why the image was used when I went to upload it and saw the title of the image which isbling_bling”.

That explains it in the best way possible as it would show that his definition of high class was symbolized by the pimpish displays in the image which brings us to the topic to be discussed from a pimpish perspective.

With all of the talk about the middle class, there is really no clear and definite description of what it really is even though everyone has a general idea of what it is supposed to be, which was confirmed through a Google Image search, which I can see is house in the suburbs, Starbucks fanatical, Facebook friending soccer moms and associated cast members.

American Middle Class

The American middle class is an ambiguously defined social class in the United States.[1][2] While the concept remains largely ambiguous in popular opinion and common language use,[3][4] contemporary sociologists have put forward several, more or less congruent, theories on the American middle class. Depending on class model used, the middle class may constitute anywhere from 25% to 66% of households.

On a tad bit of an educated sounding angle yet still simple and plain,
Barack Obama and his administration has been seen as specifically focused on The middle class and helping to sustain it, to the extent that they actually have a task force comprised of educated people dedicated to serving the needs of the middle class and its betterment, yet with the recent poll results, it appears that individuals who we would picture as members of the Middle Class are not well pleased, we may need to ask why?

In my unique opinion, it is simply due to the fact of the position that
Barack Obama is addressing the Middle class and its condition from, which is up above it in the big house, which is perhaps an uncomfortable feeling for some who have been accustomed to seeing leaders from an African American descent kissing up to those in power and begging for a kick down and while there are some interesting similarities between Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. such as as both being eloquent speakers able to mobilize people to march for equal treatment under the law with songs and thoughts which say that “we shall overcome someday” the key difference has shown to be in regards to who is doing the marching and protest rallying.

Back to regular down the earth common folk speaking, my personal opinion is that the concept of self esteem, self discovery, and self determinism actually reaches all the way up to defining ones economic and social class as each determines what role an individual or group believes themselves fit to play in the overall story of life and society and regardless of other supposed and commonly accepted determining  factors inducing education, environment, ethnicity, and upbringing, I believe to all be based on communication abilities and people skills.

What class are we to be categorized and filed under?
The one in which the individuals who assign the grades for the classes falls in alignment with similar to Don Juan in the high class feature image at the beginning of this post.

A different perspective to consider.