Kristina Sullivan's "Game Elevation" Tips

Kristina Sullivan

(Editors Note – November 19, 2010)

As we say here in this neck of the woods, it’s different strokes for different folks, with new and improved actions leading to better results.

This is a young lady that I feel it best to let introduce her own self to our viewers for the following reasons.

It may deserve a certain amount of recognition for having a few amateur or even professional pictures on a social media website for the world to enjoy. It is another level of the game to actually star in a feature film and become an actual factual feature film star in the process.

Things reach an Official Approved status level at which point one writes and produces a movie, stars in the feature, and subsequently creates opportunities for others to advance in their pursuits of success, so when I discovered that Kristina fit the description, I decided to ask her a few questions about how it all took place so that it is now seen, heard, and felt right in front of my face, and we both decided that it was time for an interview to shed some light on the matter, yet with this type of self determination which is required to roll on the set via “big dog status”, the next phase after all that has happened for her thus far would naturally show up as her interviewing her own self to affirm that she is her own best adviser next to perhaps a “higher power”, so with that said, lets see what she has asked of and received, for and by Kristina.

(End Note)

A Story By Kristina Sullivan, Starring...Kristina Sullivan

Interview Between Kristina Sullivan and Kristina Sullivan

Kristina Sullivan What made you want to become a filmmaker?

Kristina Sullivan There are stories that I want to be told. And, who’s gonna tell those stories? If not me, who? If not now, when?

Kristina Sullivan Are there any celebrities that inspire you?

Kristina Sullivan I’ve been referred to as a cross between Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Rodriguez and I take that as a huge compliment. Both of those women are fighters who have stepped outside the stereotypical gender roles that society likes to hold us captive to. And, they both have a tremendous amount of vision, ambition, goals, and dreams. I admire them both. I also admire Tyler Perry’s career, and in a lot of ways, I would love to be considered a female Tyler Perry. One of the things that I find most inspiring about all 3 of these people is their ability to make something out of nothing, none of these people were born rich, but they were able to make successful lives for themselves. The rags to riches stories are very endearing and makes them more relate-able.

Kristina Sullivan Are there any movies that have inspired you?

Kristina Sullivan “Girlfight”. This movie is amazing! The intensity of it is what’s so memorable. Both writer/director Karyn Kusama and actress Michelle Rodriguez did an incredible job of making the audience really “feel” the movie. They really caught my attention with this movie and it’s one of the few movies that I will happily watch multiple times. This movie inspired me to want to be a fighter both literally and figuratively.

Kristina Sullivan What motivated you to make your first film, “More Than Meets The Eye”?

Kristina Sullivan When I made “More Than Meets The Eye”, I had this strong feeling that it was something that I had to do, and I was right to trust that feeling.

Kristina Sullivan How exactly, did you make “More Than Meets The Eye”, how did you do it?

Kristina Sullivan I wrote the first draft of the script, than I approached Brandon Fobbs and I asked him how to make a movie, he said I would need a director, I asked him if he would be the director and he said yes. Brandon helped me with editing the script and then we looked for a producer. We didn’t end up finding a producer, so we produced the movie ourselves. We didn’t have any investors financing the film, so we were blessed to have cast, crew, equiptment, and locations for free. The way we got all of that for free, was because people who believed in us and believed in the project wanted to be a part of it and wanted to help. And, like the bible says, “Ask and you shall receive.” And, we did a whole lot of asking.

Kristina Sullivan What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you’re doing?

Kristina Sullivan Like Nike says, “Just do it.” Don’t let fear hold you back from fulfilling your destiny. Have faith that if God put it in your heart to do something, than you can and will do it. Don’t make excuses for why you’re not doing what you want to do, just take action and do it and do it well.