Online Sales Are What's Up!

(Reuters) – U.S. online shopping rose 15.4 percent to $36.4 billion for the holiday shopping season, a MasterCard Advisors’ SpendingPulse report showed on Thursday.


Welcome Home.
As we close out the year, I am glad to announce that what I consider the best news of the year has arrived at the end of it as indicated by the statistics, which indicates that there is work to be done, as online sales do require online sales outlets and representatives.

For now in regards to e commerce we can say that it really shows to be a matter of intention as some websites are visited with the intention to spend time, while others are visited with the intention to spend money, and since somewhere in the total scheme of things both time and money are synonymous, this years focus will be in regards to how to most effectively create a mutually beneficial experience for both buyers and sellers.

Stay Tuned.