Making Some Changes

2011 it is!
After a few dozen New Years Days on Planet Earth, I have continuously noticed a pattern of New Years resolutions being set yet never attained, and after doing my own research as to the reasons why, it appears that the simple fact of the matter is that the methods of setting and achieving goals are usually incorrect, so with that said, today I have decided to make an amendment to my own constitution by changing the phrase of New Years Resolutions to New Years Changes.

My training in the field of computer technology has led me to retrain my mind to think in what is known as a troubleshooting process in which one isolates the variables to determine the actual cause of the malfunction and through the natural course of reasoning it usually shows that if a step has been taken that does not lead to the desired results, it is feasible to eliminate that step out of the equation and replace it with a different approach.

The actual changes that I am making on both a personal and business level will actually be kept private for the time being as this process in itself is a different approach than the usual prior steps taken in times past yet the beauty of it all is that I can actually see and experience the results of the changes by simply posting these few words and pictures on the very first morning of 2011 which I, God willing, will be able to note the results of on the very first day of 2012 as the decisions and actions of the past lead to the results of the present, and subsequently, the decisions and actions of the present lead to the results of the future.

Life is what you make it, so why not make it change for the better?
-Rylan Branch