Earning A Living In The Land Of Opportunity – By Rylan Branch

T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Friday)
It is a clear day here in Southern California, and I am in a clear state of mind, so I decided to mind my own business today, which is the business of providing clear and honest communication for those who have an interest in such matters.

Today’s subject is one that needs to be addressed as with something such as a Lifestyle Magazine, we would need to first define life and living, and while pondering on this subject while in the bookstore a few months ago, I came to the conclusion that one would be wise to look up the term life to see how it is defined by the dictionary.

Life (cf. biota) is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes (biology) from those that do not,[1][2] either because such functions have ceased (death), or else because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate.[3]

According to what I have studied, the true and accepted description of
‘The American Dream” is to have the privilege of  doing what one enjoys and earn a living by doing as such, which of course would require that individuals actually know what it is that they enjoy doing as well as the definition of living.

The reality of the situation would entail that regardless of whether or not one enjoys their occupation, one is required by the laws of nature to earn a living, as it is not without it’s costs and I have been confronted with this reality over the years of my adult life, and most interestingly enough it is most often stated or pointed out by those who do not actually enjoy their labor and live by a do what you have to do motto as opposed to a do as you please motto.

Interestingly enough it is matters such as these that have led to a harnessing of my intellectual capacities and communication skills in order to better refute stances that seem to be against my natural instinct although popular in opinion, and as of last year, the question came to mind as to again, what a living that is to be earned actually is, because while one may hold a stance of doing what one has to do regardless, in the name of earning a living, if one does not have a clear definition of what one is earning, it could possibly show to be earning something other than a living, and perhaps even result in earning a dying in the pursuit of earning a living.

Before we head off on a philosophical voyage, we can all simply fill in our own blanks according to what works best for each of us, and move to the idea of the land of opportunity, because while one has opportunities in the nation of the United States Of America, we can also see that it provides equally the opportunity to both succeed and fail which could be equated to living and dying and the opportunities to earn both over the process of time.

My point is?
Whichever one is earned for better or worse, earning is equated with giving and receiving or reaping and sowing as it is also known as by the wise, so if my goal is to earn a living by the way that it is defined, I will simply take a calculated risk by stating that I can and do earn exactly what it is that I offer, which is a good life, or as it’s stated in the hood.

You get what you give, so get it how you live!

A different perspective to consider.