PH MODEL SEARCH 2014 – What You Need To Know And Understand About Is……..


Authentically speaking, for those who have an interest in such matters, the image above is from a PH script that has you written in to win, that was originally introduced to the public in the Summer of 2005, and reintroduced in the Spring of 2007, both in The City Of Angels, CA.

If we read it, we can see and notice that most of what we are seeing all across the world from women in today’s society as far as pop culture is concerned fits the exact script specifications for again, what was introduced by Your Friendly Neighborhood in The City Of Angels back in 2005 and reintroduced back in 2007, at which at both times, was deemed a bit unsafe, politically incorrect, and too outside the box by some.

Regardless, it’s still on with the show, as it has been since the beginning of time and will continue straight ahead, until somebody up there turns out the lights on this small planet.

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