Brain Freeze – An Insightful Newsweek Article About Information Overload

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Today we have something wonderful to share with our viewers who frequent these parts in hopes of attaining the necessary pimpformation required to make better informed winning decisions.

The addition of Newsweek that is currently on newsstands featured in the image above has an insightful article regarding the science of information overload and its subsequent results which are beginning to surface as a result of the new social media frenzy.

While conducting research, I have learned that this article is actually a follow up to a previous one which describes in detail some of the noticeable effects.

I Can’t Think!

The Twitterization of our culture has revolutionized our lives, but with an unintended consequence—our overloaded brains freeze when we have to make decisions.

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There is plenty of content found within the walls of this online publication regarding this subject of discussion, and while searching for the Newsweek article to read in an online format, I discovered something even more valuable, which is an accurate business model description for Lifestyle Magazine provided by, one of the most credible names in the world of mega media.

Tina Brown - Head Editor For Newsweek/The Daily Beast Joint Venture

A New Newsweek

It’s not just another week for this magazine. It’s a new day—and, we hope, a new era.

We’ve all heard the argument that a weekly newsmagazine has no role in today’s relentless, 24/7 news culture, in which digital blizzards of information come at us at blinding speed. In fact, I was one of the people making that argument when IAC’s chairman, Barry Diller, invited me in 2007 to found a news and opinion website that became THE DAILY BEAST, which, in a new joint venture, has allied with NEWSWEEK as brother and sister in cyberspace and in print. NEWSWEEK is now doubly lucky to have Mr. Diller partner with Dr. Harman in business leadership.

Ironically, it was living in THE DAILY BEAST’s fast and furious news cycle for the past two years that revealed to me what a newsmagazine can bring to the table when it’s no longer chasing yesterday’s story. It’s about filling the gaps left when a story has seemingly passed, or resetting the agenda, or coming up with an insight or synthesis that connects the crackling, confusing digital dots. NEWSWEEK’s cover story last week—“Brain Freeze”—made the point exactly: a surfeit of information seizes up the ability to process it. What a magazine can offer readers is a path to understanding, a filter to sift out what’s important, a pause to learn things that the Web has no time to explain, a tool to go back over the things we think we know but can’t make sense of. A magazine allows the reader to play in a different key

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In closing once again, it appears that we have a job to do, which by doing also creates jobs for others.

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