Women Love To Shop, So I Decided To Build The Mall!!!

"Build It, And They Will Come!"

“Build It, And They Will Come!”


\ˈmȯl, especially British & for 1 ˈmal\

1: an alley used for pall-mall
2[The Mall, promenade in London, originally a pall-mall alley] a : a usually public area often set with shade trees and designed as a promenade or as a pedestrian walk b : a usually paved or grassy strip between two roadways
3a : an urban shopping area featuring a variety of shops surrounding a usually open-air concourse reserved for pedestrian traffic b : a usually large suburban building or group of buildings containing various shops with associated passageways

Humpday it is!
With this free time and energy that has been afforded to me due to myself imposed Facebook Fasting period, I now have a greater ability to concentrate my efforts on what it is that I enjoy most, which is creating that which serves the needs of the greater good.

When pondering on the subject of what can be done that has yet to be done before, I have realized that in actuality, that is never truly possible, so it shifts to what can be done in a way that is new and improved, which led to thoughts about the places in which I enjoy being the most which were in fact created and developed by someone, somewhere with the same notion, and what can be better than the mall?

Interestingly enough, while researching The World’s Best Malls review on Forbes.com, I came across some interestingly relevant pieces of pimpformation, one of which is as follows.

South Coast Plaza. 3333 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626

South Coast Plaza. 3333 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Just four years ago, the top 10 list would have included a pair of popular California destinations–South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa and Del Amo Fashion Center in Los Angeles–along with the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania and the famed Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.

The very first mall listed in the above quote is one that I grew up within less than 1/8th of a mall from as well as the place that I had my first five official places of employment, and the second as a place that I would frequent quite often at which point I and my close friends were able to travel to by way of the 405 Freeway once we reached driving and traveling age.

More on that subject later in a book release, yet for now in regards to present world conditions, thinking back to those times which were different, it simply seems to show that the entire economic and emotional status of the environment was fueled by women and their enjoyment of shopping, one which I can state beyond a shadow of a doubt was at the opposite end the spectrum from a depressed state.

Could it have been simply because I was there? Just kidding, yet for the record, a few of the most recent posts as well as the imagery found withing the walls of this online publication seem to match the title of this post, as it has been stated that the largest shopping malls to be found on Planet Earth are located in mainland China with east Asia as an emerging market for the development of the most exquisite shopping experiences.

Since we are now reaching an age of the full intermingling between cyberspace and earthspace, I will be researching the possibilities as to how to make them converge in the most effective ways as e-commerce and regular commerce would need to be made to have a similar emotionally gratifying experience as it has been shown that a large part of the enjoyment in addition to actually receiving the item is found within the action of shopping for and purchasing the items and the social interaction that takes place simultaneously.

In closing, this is just me thinking out loud which tends to show some fascinating results when the right people listen and respond, and I will place this in the style section of this online publication as my strengths in the areas of blueprint development and building should cover for what I lack, which is any credible fashion expertise, yet again I am doing now what I find myself often doing withing the walls of the mall, which is, just talking to those who choose to listen.

“Women Love To Shop, So I Decided To Build The Mall.
Get It? Build-Them-All”
-Rylan Branch

Stay Tuned.

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