It's IN Me & Not ON Me – Increase Your Self Worth With Scotty Pimpin

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respect for or a favourable opinion of oneself

Moving Forward—>
According to the experts, there often comes a time where one must downsize in order to upgrade, which places me in a position which requires that I select one specific area or subject in which to focus on, and while there are a near infinite amount of subjects to focus on and discuss with the changes that the planet is experiencing, my studies over the years have led me to this one subject in particular that shows to be at the root of it all, which is popularly known as SELF WORTH.

With that said, I have decided to park this tour bus known as and move on over to the Prius for better fuel efficiency which can be found at this link and here is where you will find tools and tips that are sure to maintain and or increase your own self worth for those interested in such matters, so again, it’s on with the show.

See You @ The Top!

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