IN GOD WE TRUST – How To Really Attract Real Money

Spontaneous Combustion

Greetings Earthlings!
Before we begin today’s discussion that should be a relevant subject for many, I invite you to first read this article that was posted last weekend at The Wall Street Journal website by a reputable relationships author by the name of Neil Struass regarding the validity of standing out in a groupthink social media kind of world in the pursuit of real progress and forward movement.

So let’s rise up against the tyranny of the “like” button. Share what makes you different from everyone else, not what makes you exactly the same. Write about what’s important to you, not what you think everyone else wants to hear. Form your own opinions of something you’re reading, rather than looking at the feedback for cues about what to think. And, unless you truly believe that microblogging is your art form, don’t waste your time in pursuit of a quick fix of self-esteem and start focusing on your true passions.


With that out of the way, the story of the day is as follows.
As a part of my daily routine, I set sail to the local 7-Eleven for my daily supplies before I begin my work day, yet in the Summer months, I tend to leave a bit earlier before the temperature reaches full bake as it can reach in upwards of 100 degrees by 10am in the dessert area in which I reside.

For some challenging to explain reason, I often come across various amounts of currency lying in the gutter of the road or in the bushes as if some mysterious person, place, or thing strategically places the cash in a select place that I am sure to find it upon my arrival to the area in which it is located.

Over the past few years, as a practice, I am always sure to note the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST that is printed and inscribed on all us paper and coin currency as my unique belief states that the phrase is printed on the money for as sound of a reason as the numbers or presidents featured on the bills and coins.

I then kept it moving and made way to the store and conversed briefly with the employees as I tend to do as a part of my daily routine before I head back to the workstation and on my way back I found

I Am Officially MARY'ed To The Game With A True Dime Piece

one of these cards that are often spread around the area by some individuals who have some form of a business in the area that use these type of religious symbols in the advertisements.

In regards to what it all means, it is a legnthy story which in my opinion is better demonstrated than discussed, yet in short I believe it to be reflective of the sacred relationship between women and money which is often discussed and displayed around these parts.

In closing, since this is a Lifestyle Magazine, I feel it best to now actually better demonstrate the results of the behavior as well as the philosophies or ism’s that fuel them.


Got it?

Good, now on with the show.

A different perspective to consider.