Throwing Em' In The Pool – PH Summer Social Science Experiment

Got Wet?

Ok, this is actually somewhat of a technological and business application made simple that was inspired through reading an insightful tech article regarding the social media battle between Facebook & Google+.

“I won’t take bets on either company since it’s not inconceivable that the company to win will be neither Facebook nor Google, but an outlier company that understands how social, connectivity and content work in unison to give more autonomy to Judy Consumer than ever before.
Bets anyone?”
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Ok, so since it is Summertime, the force has inspired the need to begin to select random females from all of our Social Media Outlets and begin to throw them in the pool and see which ones are fit to swin in the deep end in the form of a feature here at this online publication.

Round and round she goes, & and where she stops… its PIMPHOP.COM, we dont stop….

Stay Tuned.