Cisco Cius – The Professional's Tablet Of Choice

"Now Those Are Some GREAT Numbers Pimpin'!!

Product Overview
Cisco Ciusâ„¢ (Figure 1) is a mobile collaboration tablet built for business. It is designed to help organizations capitalize on the value of mobility by enabling anywhere, anytime access to important business features:

• Campus mobility with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, and broad mobility with 3G (4G planned) cellular support

• High-resolution multi-touch color display with an intuitive user interface

• High-definition (HD) video with Cisco TelePresence™ solution interoperability

• Virtual desktop client integration (VDI) and cloud computing

• Full range of Cisco Collaboration and Unified Communication applications

• Open access to the Google Android Market with appropriate IT controls

• Expanded Android applications for business, linking Cisco Collaboration APIs through a software developer kit (SDK)

• Accessories, sold separately, which include base stations for enhanced capabilities and carrying cases for stylish yet functional protection while mobile
Cisco Cius Website

In plain and simple language, the tablet style PC, although at a heavier weight in past times, has been in existence since at least 1999 and began as a device that was primarily used by businesses who needed a mobile PC to handle storefront and logistics tasks similar to the tablets that you have most likely seen a Fed Ex, UPS, or USPS delivery person using when delivering packages.

When it comes to Cisco as a company, a market share of the Fortune 500 companies utilize Cisco products for their communications platforms, and Cisco routers are actually responsible for routing the vast majority of global Internet traffic behind the scenes.


Translation – Cisco Tablet? = Oh, You Must Be Talking About Big Business.