From Crenshaw To China – Urban League Initiative Helps Inner City Teens

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I wasn’t quite sure where to put this post on the site at first, yet since this is a Lifestyle publication, the decision was made to just put it first as it coincides with my own personal preference in regards to style of life, plus it gives the cause some added authenticity.

As usual, I just happened to be tuned in to the afternoon news at the exact time that a segment about this new Urban League initiative was being featured and after a YouTube search for information, I came across the previous Morning Joe segment which explains the venture in greater detail that I am now sharing with you.


Now the news segment that I watched yesterday did do it’s part in explaining how it benefits inner city students to gain exposure to other cultures outside of their immediate environment, as many, or at least the students that they focused on have not traveled anywhere further than say Las Vegas or Northern California, so on that note, I can agree with and support the idea.

What they failed to asses which I will take upon myself to clarify to add even more value to what this project represents, is how by virtue of living in Southern California due to the multicultural and mutiethnic daily reality, a young person is automatically and without choice exposed to various different cultures and ethnic groups by default, to the extent that they may find it shocking to arrive in China or any foreign nation and find some pre attained familiarity with what, where, and who they are being exposed to, and to give a personal picture example, I will show you a Los Angeles area African American native, born and raised in the local area demonstrating the initiative first hand.

Crenshaw To China - PH Edition

We could say that it is reminiscent of my own experiences with friends and associates from other nations who reside in California, like when I ask my Indian friends about yoga, or my Chinese friends about Zen, or my Middle Eastern friends about Islam for example, to which their response is usually that it’s cool and all, but um…well the image to the left explains what the universal solution is, in my honest opinion.

In closing for those who took the valuable time to read this entry, one necessary switch that is needed is in the belief that the inner city youths are as disadventaged as they are having it sold to them as they are as with the rest of the world, because the

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corporate entities involved in this initiative would have to agree that inner city youths by virtue of just being their authentic selves seem to always show capabilities that years of study at any Ivy League of prestigious institue of higher learning cant offer with their high priced tuition packages, or put in another way, there is astronomical value in what comes from within and above, so we can use this as a starting point which may have been the reason why the name of the initiative sounded like something for us to check out and results in being proven right….AGAIN!

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