– It's What Black People Are Into. Or Is It?

T.G.I.M. (Thank God It’s Monday)!
This one will be a quick in and out post in hopes of better knowing what our viewers are actually interested in and determine as important news.

As you know, their is a tremendous shakeup in the world of mainstream media at it’s highest levels due to the emerging News Corp phone tapping scandal, in which media companies are behind the scenes scrambling to take advantage of the crisis and power shift vacuum.

Between us as friends, one constant challenge that we face as an online publication is as to whether or not we should shift the content to what is often deemed as more credible news, as in the type that we have all been accustomed to tuning into before the increasing popularity of new media.

Where comes in to play is in the fact that their target audience is mostly of African American descent or “urban” as it is known in politically correct corporate circles as the site claims to be the most visited urban website in the world, yet I have often wondered through looking at it from the perspective of a writer and distributor of news if the type of content found on and other “urban” online news outlets is in effect saying

“here ya go Black People, here is the stuff that YOU’RE supposed to be paying attention to”?

Of course it stands to reason that all individuals have and make a choice in regards to what to entertain themselevs with, and the numbers show that there is in fact a large demand from all ethnicities regarding gossip and tabloid style news, which there is in fact a need for to a certain extent, yet within African American sectors, there shows to be a lack of alternatives that are for an abundance of a better word targeted towards these groups.

The content found here at is simply for who it is for without any classification as stated in the about section of this website, yet I felt it best to address the subject as a mental note to myself in which I will share with our viewers to help invoke critical thinking.