Hollywood Conspiracy Theories – Illuminatis And What Not

Now you know better than to be clicking these type of link titles, but since you did, lets see what it says shall we?
Due to the fact that our analytic show that there is in fact quite a large demand for content relating to these types of subject matters, and since we look to have a little something for everyone’s particular taste, today I decided to go ahead and share what I can consider as one of the most interesting and thought provoking conspiracy theory discussions that I have seen and heard in a long while.

This featured clip that deserves credit actually came to me on accident, or inadvertently as a better word, as I posted a YouTube clip of the film Trading Places during the beginning of last week at the start of the stock market roller coaster that began on that same day.

I have always thought that this movie was an interesting concept that someone conjured up to inspire thought about the inner working of the financial market elite, and interestingly enough , so did someone else, yet with an expanded perspective scope, and leave it to YouTube to connect the dots properly in regards to similar interest and viewpoints through linking individuals to video subjects that have been created or viewed by others with similar interest as recorded by their databases.

As far as my own thoughts and theories regarding conspiracy theories for those who must know, I actually find tremendous value in them as the demand for truth investigation actually leads to job creation, as we are seeing it in action as we read and watch.

Shhh.. It’s a conspiracy!!!