Jessica Alba – The Spiritual Side Of Hollywood

Jessica Alba as The Invisible Woman - Fantastic 4 Movie

While conducting a search for some materials to utilized for the next phase of the journey, I came across this interesting series of videos produced by Hollywood.TV regarding The Spiritual Side Of Hollywood.

It actually falls in line with a script and sketch that I have been searching for the most effective ways to introduce, and this series was created in the summer of 2007 yet I do not see any continuation of it although from the looks of things, now may be a better time than any to really expand on the concept and subject itself as we approach the year 2012.

The videos feature a sizable number of Hollywood ‘A’ List members that were all approached by journalist at various film release events and asked about their personal spirituality views and concepts as they relate to life in Hollywood and in general, so as a solid source of inspiration, I selected Jessica Alba as the video clip to feature as her personal story that most are unfamiliar with is quite a unique one which I believe would actually qualify her to elaborate even further if offered the opportunity in the correct context.

Stay Tuned.