Angry Birds – Now Why Are They So Angry?

The Game Is To Be Respected.


Major props compliments of again go to Google as their marketing staff was able to accurately asses what is in really in effect at the ever popular social media platform known as Twitter, to the extent that they developed a pay for play video game known as Angry Birds based on a theme which has led to occurrences such as but not limited to the children’s store at the local mall actually offering furniture and home deco products for children and adults that are based on the game and is targeted towards both its child and adult fanatics.

I will add an additional upgrade to the play on words by offering a simple yet relevant question and answer point to ponder on.

Q: Why are the birds so angry in the game known as Angry Birds?
A: Something somewhere has them experiencing the misery that is often associated with the state of being known as caged up!


It’s just my honest opinion and yet another different perspective to consider.