Celebrity Secrets:A Models Life – ABC Primetime News Special

Not so sure about what this entry would be doing on a website called PimpHop.com?
Me either, so we can rationalize and guestimate that it is just a good old fashioned news report for those viewers who may sneak over to these parts on occasion of frequently, to see if there is any useful and valuable insight to be gained from a different perspective regarding these matters of showbiz and life in general.
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This ABC Primetime News Special aired last night in which I had the luxury of viewing and judging by the sheer amount of modeling pictures and modeling career pursuits that I witness on a daily basis via the social media channels, this bit of pimpformation may be of some use and interest to many of our valued viewers.

You're In Good Hands With Rylan Branch!

As far as my own personal insights and assessments regarding the ABC News Special, the whole business in the back end primarily runs on advertising revenue and publicity solutions, and I believe that the ad campaign pictured above and the message that it coveys can go along way in regards to describing what can be found in regards to Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com and Yours Truly in regards to this often described as rough business of show.

A different perspective to consider.