Man Down – Is Rihanna A Member Of The Illuminati?

Ok, here is this girl with a funny sounding name that begins with an “R” influencing the people of the planet to watch and listen to what she is showing and telling in order to form an opinion whether positive or negative, and the cold part about it is that I am writing this review of the video before I have even seen it due to a slow You Tube connection as of current press time.

Rihanna as a Good Girl Gone Bad, Gone To My Pimp Pad has again set the standards of how to represent for the cause by deciding to sign, seal, and deliver the envelope and move on to the next mission and leaving it to the others to attempt to only push the envelope and or discuss the last peice of postage that she delivered.

Rihanna as an Illuminati member?

Well with the last post on the subject reflection on rumors of membership by Jay Z and Beyonce, we can now add Rihanna into the discussion by looking at the pattern of growth as she gone from asking if a rude boy can beat it up, to looking for a boy to take her over, to putting a man down should his take over be done in a non effective and non mutually beneficial manner which leaves us with the question as to whether or not she effectively personifies Lady Liberty and Lady Justice depending on the situation to demonstrate life lessons in the form of allegory because as an insider tip, the torch that is held by the solid one known as Lady Liberty as seen when crossing over to the threshold of The U.S.A.  does in fact symbolize her role in illuminating the world, and well………

A different perspective to consider.