'Planet Rock' – VH1 Documentary Connects The Dots Between Crack Cocaine & Hip-Hop

Freeway Rick aka the ORIGINAL BOSS Rick Ross

So who after watching the Eagles vs Falcons game last night was channel surfing and was blessed to have tuned in to this
Planet Rock VH1 Documentary about Crack Cocaine and Hip Hop culture?

For those who did not, you are in luck and urgently advised to watch the repeats today and in the next coming days as this by far is one of the most thorough and authentic pieces of work that I have watched in years and believe that it should be nominated for an Emmy award as one sure explanation as to why The Game is experiencing stagnation is due to the fact that much of what we do and enjoy in pop culture is without the knowledge of the history behind  how and why these things came into existence in the first place.

Narrated by Ice T, this documentary provide a rarely accurately told story about the Dope Game as often rapped about by popular and underground artist to the extent that it potentially could equal the end of any street or even human credibility left for the artist Rick Ross as the documentary goes as far as featuring out takes from the original Rick Ross aka Freeway Ricky in which he addresses topics including but not limited to the name behind the name and the who’s who in regards to both the rap and the dope game.

The bonus clip below with Too Short, whose story is also featured in this documetary will give some insight into the authenticity of the content to help those who truly desire to be “up on things” consider giving it a go with all of the correct and necessary details in place.