Is Google+ Like The Jetsons – No Black People Exist in The Future?


We haven’t even had the chance to monkey around with the newly opened up to the public social media service to see what pimpish modifications are needed, and I’m already bringing the noise.

What I did see is the Google+ unofficial suggested users page and it was useful, plus it looks like the site is targeted towards people who read, so I can act accordingly and write.

Firstly, Google is not to blame as I am well aware of the ethnic diversity that exists in the rank and file, and you can see for yourself by viewing this list of the Google Board Of Directors.

Actually, I would have to hold black people as most accountable due to the fact that there are just a different set of interest culturally, and technology tends to need to be used by the masses before the darkies discover it and use it out of a fear of feeling left out, or at least that has been the trend with other popular social media online services, but not before white flight options are put into place before going popular and public with the services, or when it becomes economically feasible to take everyone’s money, whether they are truly appreciated or not.

Just something to read on Google+ as a different and +size perspective to consider.