SIRI NEEDS A DADDY – PH iPhone Commercial Remix Starring Samuel L. Jackson

Siri, how do you get these mother******* snakes off this mother******* plane?

Okay, it doesn’t quite go like that, but it’s still pretty awesome.

The one-and-only Samuel L. Jackson channels the culinary arts in a new iPhone ad that’s popping up on “Sports Center,” Jeff Cormier of Digital Deconstruction noted on Monday.

The ad, available above, features the “Pulp Fiction” star using Apple’s much-touted personal assistant to help him prepare a dinner of gazpacho and risotto for date night.


Captain’s Log Stardate - Tuesday April 17, 2012

Today is a great day which happens to be Tuesday Newsday which is beginning to take shape in interesting ways at the top of the morning.

The best way to tell the story is exactly how it goes, so the above quote was posted as a reference point for the assertions that will be made.

Truth be told, it was just last week when I was conducting some research on the above listed film starring
Samuel L.Jackson, directed by Craig Brewer, who was also the creator of the film Hustle & Flow, which also starred Christina Ricci who appears in the movie Black Snake Moan along side Mr. Jackson as well.

The research was brought on by the fact that for whatever reason, when many lets say non African American owned and operated publications or just Internet users in general refer to Samuel L Jackson, they usually refer to the character that he played in Pulp Fiction, or Snakes on a Plane, or some type of laughable “Bad Mofo Black Guy” character where he is using profanity terms such as “Bad Muthafuka”, and so on and so forth.

Now granted, Samuel L. Jackson is the current highest grossing actor in the history of the motion picture industry with a large body of work that supersedes these few often referred to characters that he has played including that of a Jedi Council Master as told by George Lucas in the Star Wars series, yet the film listed above was what we can call under promoted and exposed do to what many said that it was insinuating, while film critics stated that it was a quality piece of artistic work.

Fast forward to the good and relevant part as today while logging on to Facebook, we learned that Apple has selected this same Samuel L. Jackson as a spokesperson for the iPhone in its latest iPhone campaign, which again points to what was stated in the form of the quote to begin this entry with the well known and often recited words and posted images that pop up in the minds of many in regards to Mr. Jackson.

Now, as a point of reference in traditional fashion, we will conduct our own remix of the stories by drawing a precise character connection adding both the new iPhone commercial clip as seen above and a Black Snake Moan movie trailer as seen below to see if perhaps this is the direction that Apple, the technology industry and perhaps global society in general is looking to travel whether knowingly or unknowingly.

A different perspective to consider.