Google Homepage Custom Image Doodles – Think Outside The Box = Live Outside The Box

Google Homepage Screen Shot - Saturday 9/24/2011

Greetings Earthlings!
Once again, credit must be given where it is due, and again, Google has effectively transcended the status quo by offering a Jim Henson 75th Birthday tribute on their homepage in what is classified as an interactive doodle by using characters from one of my favorite childhood television programs known as The Muppets to spell out the name of the already popularly well known brand.

I suppose that being one of the primary parties responsible for creating that which we see inside of these boxes that we find ourselves thinking inside of more and more as time progresses as well as the positioning of how we see it does require them to have a need to be on the outside of this same box in their thinking in some way shape or form, and for whatever reason, since I tend to think as such with the understanding that in actuality, it is simply some words and images on a computer/smartphone screen, I do gain great inspiration from Google in regards to the processes and orders of operations necessary to get the viewers what they want and need to see, hear, and know as the video explains how Google was also inspired by Jim Hensons creation process.

In closing, the next level of the game in my honest opinion would have to be in regards to how to have the search results actually appear in the third dimensional universe, yet that may be a bit too outside the box for the time being.
The key word is may be.

Digital puppetry?
Now thats an interestingly similar perspective to consider.