Bugatti 16-C Galbier Concept Model

Bugatti 16-C Galbier Concept Model


While visiting the website for insight regarding luxury branding, I arrived at the conclusion that while there is a global economic shift occurring with its effects being felt across the board, Bugatti, the developers of the most expensive vehicles on the planet has not let this scenario cause them to put their growth and innovation on pause and has shown to have motivated them to upgrade the quality of the already high grade quality models indicating that while there may very well be a smaller number of available customers able to afford their offerings, there are still yet enough to continue with the production of their vehicles and accessories.


In closing this and other automobile entries at this online publication focus primarily on the aesthetic value of the vehicles and their brands and I invite you as a valued viewer to visit the Bugatti website as a source for therapeutic entertainment, as they put as much thought and emotion into its development as they do with their entire product line, including the Bugatti Diamond Luxury line in which the following statement is displayed in bold print.

“Nothing is too beautiful, nothing is too expensive”

– Ettore Bugatti

A different perspective to consider.