Introducing The International NeoSheild Project – Protecting The Earth From Astroid Collisions

Agreed, there is really no solid evidence to support the outlandish claims that some object could impact this small blue planet, yet in order to keep it “P” for Lifestyle Magazine, here is some information from the International NeoSheild Project which has been designated as the watchdog group for the European Union that offers potential solutions just in case some shit like the movies have shown was found to be not so fictional after all and in need of an action plan.

For years, agencies like NASA and the European Space Agency have been studying NEOs, or near-Earth objects: asteroids, comets, and other space debris in close proximity to Earth. Now, an EU-funded project called NEOShield wants to investigate how to knock them off course with rockets, bombs, or gravitational pull. Launched last week, NEOShield aims to investigate the best way to  protect Earth from a potential NEO collision and develop a plan to  implement it. After a study period of three and a half years, NEOShield will likely propose a mission to test the technology it’s settled on.
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A Global Approach to Near-Earth Object Impact Threat Mitigation


There is currently no concerted international plan addressing the impact threat and how to organize, prepare and implement mitigation measures. We report on a new international project to address impact hazard mitigation issues, being the subject of a proposal to the European Commission in response to the 2011 FP7 Call “Prevention of impacts from near-Earth objects on our planet”. Our consortium consists of 13 research institutes, universities, and industrial partners and includes leading US and Russian space organizations. The primary aim of the project, NEOShield, is to investigate in detail the three most promising mitigation techniques: the kinetic impactor, blast deflection, and the gravity tractor, and devise feasible demonstration missions. Furthermore, we will investigate options for an international strategy for implementation when an actual impact threat arises.
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