Good Times By Chic – Reprogram Your Psyche With THERAPUTIC Data

Greetings Earthlings and Welcome Home!
Complex problems have proven to most often have simple solutions, so if what I have often heard is true and correct, which is that all of which an individual and group perceives as reality is simply an outward manifestation of an inner belief and that all human behavior is a result of programming contained within the psyche of a human being, usually attained from some outside source, then we can use our powers and conduct a troubleshooting procedure known in Information Technology  as a Last Known Good Configuration process in which the operating/belief system is reverted back to a time when the system was functioning more efficiently and at the same time update our status with therapeutic data that has been proven to be beneficial.

Sound too technical still?

Just play the following video clip and absorb the content of the song and its message and then act accordingly.
Works for me, and it might could work for you too as a different perspective to consider.