Moving Forward Made Simple

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Moving Forward?
Lets see here. Off the top of the head it for me reads as follows.
Think Ahead -> Move Ahead, as the brain controls the muscle and the thought and feeling precede the action.There must first be a physical and or mental destination to move forward to identical to how there is often a mental and physical destination to move away from.

Both physical and mental/emotional destinations are reached and or avoided with steps and since time itself is a mental perception and how humans observe and measure change, mental pictures are useful in setting goals, which are simply a desired mental and or physical destinations that one desires to reach or attain..

The tweek that is often used in the new information age shows that taking the mental images from a desired future and acting upon them in the present goes along way towards making the mental image into a present reality in the same way that mental pictures from and undesired past also tend to go along way towards making the mental image into a present reality as both future and past realities come about through acting on present mental pictures.

That’s the off the top of the head version, yet for yours truly, in the present, I tend to keep it simple and think ahead to move ahead as when I think and do as such, the future that I moved forward towards and arrive at has a funny way of being identically or nearly identical to what, when, where, and how my current key strokes are typing and clicking it as.

A “making an effective use of the technology” perspective to consider.