Hungry For Attention – The PH Kony 2012 Invisible Children Campaign Final Analysis

The Founders of Invisible Children — Bobby Bailey, Laren Poole, and Jason Russell With The "HELPLESS" Natives

We can go ahead and put a done did” stamp on this campaign before it lands in the dead zone similar to the recent Jeremy Lin “Linsanity” bandwagon and make some sense out of and good use for the efforts and end results.

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Simply put, in my own opinion, which is all I really ever offer, the scenario simply shows some form of a superiority complex in which the young males who created this campaign sought to add value to themselves at the expense of the “poor and helpless” Africans who they have been conditioned to believe themselves to be superior to, which in past times may have been able to work effectively as the assumed status quo would dictate, yet as of current press time with matters of extreme social significance happening on the U.S. home front such as health care, economics, and wars with heavy engagement of American & NATO troops just to name a few, we must ask why these soldiers and humanitarian aid workers who have served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan have not received anywhere as close to the amount of prestige and notoriety as the founders of this campaign have, along with the individuals who played a part in the campaign activities, those who have donated money, or even those millions of souls who have supported the cause online in their own individual attempts to be in with the “in thing” to gain some form of notice by attaching themselves to the latest bandwagon of mania fueled causes in a vain pursuit of greater significance amongst their peers.

U.S. Soldiers On ACTIVE DUTY In Afghanistan Watching Kony 2012?

On a more positive note, if we could just invest that energy into causes that lead to the betterment of life quality in America and globally with a sincere intention of serving the  local, national, and global communities… Wishful thinking, yet my own personal objectives, beginning first with this different perspective to consider.