Facebook Invites OTHERS To Like You, PimpHop Invites YOU To Like You

Welcome Home.
It looks like we are on to something spectacular AGAIN for the beginning of the new season in which we around these parts, set new resolutions at each of the four yearly season change dates in order to make a complete annual total for a prosperous year.

With that said, we can analyze the script and ponder on what is written.

While I have yet to actually watch the movie The Social Network, which I may get around to this week, I am aware of the fact that the website and concept for it is said to have developed out of a scenario in which something not so nice was said about a certain young lady who was familiar with the websites founder, along with her response as told in the video clip above, and in 2012 with hundreds of millions of active users and the website becoming a part of normal life for many from something so simple, perhaps a website which begins with great and encouraging things to say would lead to better or at least different and longer lasting results.

Stranger things can and have happened, as a result of a different perspective to consider.