CNN AC 360° News Special – Kids On Race: “The Hidden Picture”

These pictures were shown to 6-year-olds for the AC360° study on children and race.

Tune in to “Anderson Cooper 360°” all week for the surprising results of a groundbreaking new study on children and race at 8 and 10 p.m. ET.

(CNN) — A white child and a black child look at the exact same picture of two students on the playground but what they see is often very different and what they say speaks volumes about the racial divide in America.

The pictures, designed to be ambiguous, are at the heart of a groundbreaking new study on children and race commissioned by CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°. White and black kids were asked: “What’s happening in this picture?”, “Are these two children friends?” and “Would their parents like it if they were friends?” The study found a chasm between the races as young as age 6.

Wellness, speaking of pictures as the beginning of today’s discussion list, this post fits in perfectly and adds meaning to the story most effectively.

For those who may have been in another place and away from the television on Easter Sunday, a very interesting and insightful segment aired on the Anderson Cooper AC 360 show that I highly advise you to take note of as they will be showing results of the conducted studies all week long.

Between us as friends, the topic of race is simply a sure fire ratings grabber in media business, especially in light of the current Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman scenario that is currently unfolding, yet since we do touch upon matters of race and culture quite frequently here at along with the inside scoop perspective, this and other CNN News specials on the topic of Race Relations in America, should help to support the cause of bringing these types of touchy subjects up for open discussion and/or independent thinking on the part of our valued viewers.