LIFE EXPECTANCY – What Do You Expect To Happen In Your Life?

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is the expected (in the statistical sense) number of years of life remaining at a given age It is denoted by ex, which means the average number of subsequent years of life for someone now aged x, according to a particular mortality experience. (In technical literature, this symbol means the average number of complete years of life remaining, excluding fractions of a year. The corresponding statistic including fractions of a year, the normal meaning of life expectancy, has a symbol with a small circle over the e.) In the modern era, life expectancy has increased so dramatically as to call into question the ability to use current data for very long range predictions into the future.

The term that is known as life expectancy is most often used in the context of human populations, but is also used in plant or animal ecology; it is calculated by the analysis of life tables (also known as actuarial tables). The term life expectancy may also be used in the context of manufactured objects although the related term shelf life is used for consumer products and the terms “mean time to breakdown” (MTTB) and “mean time before failures” (MTBF) are used in engineering literature.



Captains Log Stardate - June 6, 2012 @ 11:12 AM

Mental note to self.
Continue to move forward with the exploration of the idea which supposes that the end results of a human being’s life, including but not limited to the number of years afforded to an individual as well as the quality of those years, is directly related to a deep seated internal source code which shapes an individuals innermost authentic core expectations of life itself.

If it was that easy, everyone would be thinking, feeling, and acting as such.
Correction, if it is and was that easy, a majority of individuals would not be thinking and acting as such as it would first require the ability to consider a different and abnormal perspective as well as the courage to act upon it.