STREET SMARTS (Part 2) – Harvard University Establishes Nas (Nasir Jones) Fellowship

Nas & Dominic Chianese: It's All About Respect (2002 Cover Story) Complex Magazine

Nas & Dominic Chianese: It’s All About Respect (2002 Cover Story) Complex Magazine

Harvard University Establishes Nas Fellowship

VIBE Posted July 16, 2013

The school of Hip-Hop has now entered the Ivy league. Harvard University’s W.E.B. Du Bois Institute and the Hip-Hop Archive announced that they have established the Nasir Jones Fellowship, giving selected scholars and artists the opportunity to “show that ‘education is real power.'”

According to a press release, the mission of the Hip-Hop archive is “to seek projects from scholars and artists that build on the rich and complex hip-hop tradition; to respect that tradition through historically grounded and contextualized critical insights; and most importantly, to represent one’s creative and/or intellectually rigorous contribution to hip-hop and the discourse through personal and academic projects.” The fellowship will honor the work of the Queens MC among other prominent contributors to the genre.

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STREET SMARTS (Part 1) – An Extremely High Valued Commidity In The Digital Age

HipHop is Dead, and PimpHop is Bread!
Nas demonstrates the science of birth, death, and resurrection by telling a story of how his words took him from a level of buying and consuming the spirits, to playing a part in the creation and selling of the spirits while offering all of us a different perspective to consider in the process.