THE BARBIE DOLL BUSINESS – PH Social Media Upgrades Starring Sasha Divine

Sasha Divine as Barbie!

Sasha Divine as Barbie!


1. Trademark. a brand of doll representing a slim, shapely young woman, especially one with blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.

2. Also called Barbie doll. a person, especially a young woman, perceived as blandly attractive and vacuous.


Moral of the story

There’s really nothing much to it other than the channeling of our inner entrepreneurial spirit to come up with an simple and effective way that works for us all and affords us the ability to enjoy our work more than we already do and be more handsomely compensated than we already are in the process.

Even more simply put, its just out loud thinking, building the plane as its in flight, all while offering different perspectives for your consideration and viewing pleasure..