BUYERS AND SELLERS – The Global Economy Made Simple. The Game According To Tyrese In Baby Boy #MoneyMonday



Baby Boy (2001) Quotes

Jody: Today I begin a new life. I am the master of my abilities… and today will be a great and beautiful day. Pea, are you a buyer or a seller?

Sweet Pea: What?

Jody: Look at yourself. How many millionaires you got on? I count at least three.

Sweet Pea: What are you talking about?

Jody: Pea! Look around, man. You see what I see? I see money. Look at my man over there selling T-shirts. A brother selling pies and papers. Cake Man over there.Everybody moving, making money. Right? While we’re standing still, being broke. I figured all this shit out, man. All this. This world moves forward through transactions. Commerce, nigga. The exchange of goods and services. All the real ballin’, successful folks are sellers. All the broke-ass people playing catch-up are buyers. I ain’t trying to go out like that. I’m gonna be a seller. I’m gonna get my own business. Change the game.



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