INVEST IN THE GAME – From $7.50 To $75 Million With Frankie & Alice Starring Halle Berry

$Mil Ticket.-Rylan Branch April 11, 2014

$Mil Ticket. Charge It To The Game!!
– Rylan Branch April 11, 2014


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CodeBlack Entertainment

CodeBlack Entertainment

Moral Of The Story



FRANKIE & ALICE STARRING HALLE BERRY – A “Fictional” Story Or A “P” True Hollywood Story?



Greetings Earthlings and Welcome Home!

This post is more of a journal entry that is also acting as a real life script/treatment that is being shared with you as a valued viewer.

I was blessed with the opportunity to view the Frankie & Alice film as invited to by Halle Berry in the video clip preview above, and since Codeblack Entertainment as the co producers of the film have brought to us a fair amount of game-stream media features which now includes this latest film with both Halle Berry and Phylicia Rashad in starring role bringing awareness to a fascinating true life story, I believed it best to invest some of our own resources into this cause which in a sense is, a common cause for Your Friendly Neighborhood

The passion of Codeblack Films executive team is to super serve the global Black community and help its content and brand partners access the power of the $1-trillion African-American consumer market. The African-American population continues to expand both in pure numbers and in buying power and has a major influence on entertainment, technology and media trends. CF’s analysis and understanding of the social context of this fast evolving market, values, attitudes, behavior, trends and pre-trends, allow us to position our content and brand partners in the center of influence and develop the best strategy to maximize benefit.

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