(Repost) Introducing Raquel Lee – Follow The Leader (V. Stiviano Was On PimpHop.com Back In 2011!!!)

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Originally Published on: Jul 17, 2011 @ 22:46

Shout out to TMZ for yet another “P” True Hollywood Story add on, again confirming how deep the game is when the last part of this latest video from TMZ up above this paragraph that was released today is actually what was the full video that was listed below back in July of 2011 which led to a re-publishing of this article from 2011, to let the world in on some of the types of things that can happen with just a few key strokes from a few key people.

(End Note)

V. Stiviano (Left) Raquel Lee (Center)

V. Stiviano (Left) Raquel Lee (Center)

Moving Forward!
Sunday Funday it is, and a great one for us as I am at last one step closer to finding signs of intelligent life which will allow for me to at long last fade into the background and turn the focus over to where it belongs which is the young female entrepreneurs in the information age of whom which this cause known as PimpHop.com Lifestyle Magazine was designed for.

Raquel is a young lady that I stay updated on on my personal Facebook page as she is an entrepreneur, and well, that’s just it. The interesting thing about this phenomenon taking place across the globe, but especially in Los Angeles, is that the list of titles and hats worn by these women of a certain type grows by the minute yet since Raquel took the step towards opening her very own personal blog to add to her menu of goodies, in addition to the fact that she is a one stop for all of the top notch local and global fem fetales, I will just leave you with a simple YouTube Video Clip showcasing the
Lifestyles of The Rich & Pimpish, while I determine where this journey will lead to next,or have we already arrived unknowingly?

Raquel Lee

Owner at Raquel’s Closet Studied at University of Fashion and Beauty Lives in Los Angeles, California Knows English, Spanish, Français From Oberlin, Louisiana Born on February 5