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Draya Michele


This time you realize …. I do and say what I want. Free spirit. Money maker. Risk taker. Booty sh.. I sat my ass down actually. Saved.
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(Editors Note – Wednesday June 26, 2014)
Originally published on: Apr 26, 2010 @ 8:47 by Rylan Branch

Welcome Home!

Lets kick some authentic conversation to kick off the first full week of Summer 2014 shall we?

As it is often stated, growth and wisdom really does come with age and experience, and in this particular case, as I had the opportunity to review this post from 4 years ago, I have learned that although there is no possible way to resolve all potential misunderstanding, there is a way to set an intention before hand to offer as much clarity as the person who is reading will accept so that you will attract the individuals who have the highest degree of correct understanding of the message. Did not say highest degree of agreement or disagreement, but rather the important thing that comes before both which is understanding of the message to begin with.

With that said, as I am ordinarily through nature as well as habit, addressing women when I am sending out messages on the public internet, the message by the Pet Shop Boys classic song stated below in the original entry about opportunities which says that (“Ive Got The Brains, and You’ve Got The Looks, Lets Make Lot’s Of Money) does not undermine that facts that you as a woman do have brains (intelligence) of your own, evident by your curiosity of even reading this message, but rather to state that while yours truly as the author of this entry may or may not have the looks according to one’s perception, my actual strength is more readily visible and impacting through the use of my brains which leads to the creation and ultra savvy execution of these ideas and opportunities which do tend to point right back to the undeniable strength that many of you do have and is readily self evident, which is your looks, as evident by Draya Michele’s image above for starters.

Secondly, be assured that you as a woman do not necessarily need to take your clothes off or dress provocatively in order for you to have value and make money because if that was all profitability really required, all of the women who receive ample attention on social media due to their sexual attractiveness displayed in digital images would then become members of the wealthy 1 percent by default, which is still possible and probable, if properly aligned with brains.

It is to say that if your chosen profession or hustle does involve your provocative appearance and you do get it as such, it is not something to be shunned as I believe that when any woman walks into a Victoria’s Secret store to actually purchase provocative attire for her own personal pleasure or even public display, the staff at the store would not care much if you were to be spending income that you earned from something involving sexually provocative attire displays, similar to the models who are featured in the store window images who are dressed as such, again, all as a matter of perception.

Lastly, Draya Michele’s image made it as the feature for the re posting of this article because I was searching for another image to add as an illustration and had to choose between a stripper displaying her earnings, or a more professional business woman, again, according to perception, and Draya’s image popped up with her clothes on surrounded by ones, and it shed light on her storyline of the lines that she and the game itself has to reestablish to fit the digital age with the lifestyles of young successful female entrepreneurs and the struggles faced by them due to self esteem conflicts and outdated standards of character judgements.

As a bonus and very last point, personally, I Rylan Branch just sincerely enjoys creating and launching these exciting and world changing ideas and ventures, and I have such a good ass time doing it, that I tend to loose track of time when in the creative flow, which the experts claim as the best indicator of really being in your purpose, and making a lots of money in the process as an added bonus, while creating job opportunities for others is something I feel worthy of asking for, and subsequently receiving as written in the script of the Good Book, which actually and factually, came about through the same exact process of brain usage that is being utilized to communicate this message and share this story.

Call it digital scripture if you will.

Got It?
Good, now own with the show!!!


(End Note)


“I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the looks
Let’s make lots of money” Opportunities- Pet Shop Boys

Thank God It’s Monday!
Perhaps its a matter of starting the day at 4:45 AM that is the cause of the mood that I am in, yet for whatever reason, we are nearly half way into the Spring season, and I am already in Summer mode.

All that’s needed now is the heat, and perhaps that is your call to action, and here is why.

According to the experts,when it comes to success, it really all boils down to focus and clear communication, and since the beginning of 2010 my experiences have shown this idea to be accurate, so today at the beginning of the week I decided to go 80’s with a song that has stayed with me since childhood.

The name of the song is Oppurtunities by The Pet Shop Boys and the quote at the beginning of this entry may help you to recollect the lyrics.

It’s not to say that YOU don’t have brains, as you wouldn’t be reading this if that were so, and it’s not to say that you don’t have the looks, as you wouldn’t be reading this if that were so, and it’s not to say that I don’t have the brains because I wouldn’t be typing this entry if that were so, and it’s not to say that I don’t have the looks, because well, that’s not important in my book, so lets look at you!

It is 8:20 AM Pacific Time, and the day is just beginning, and last weeks
Pay Friday was a lucrative one, so lets just consider it as a point of focus, and do the “New Age” thing by

putting it out into the universe,

and for the right here right now types, which may be reading, my special offer for the day is my direct email contact ( rylan@pimphop.com) to scratch the “hard guy to reach” entry off your list of descriptions when it comes to yours truly.

In closing, the question for the week is as follows.

Could you imagine if it really was all so simple?

A different perspective to consider.