THE SISTERHOOD – The Role Of A Sister Is To Provide Assistance Starring Sister Khloe Kardashian


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Sister Act

Moral Of the Story (Solution)

sister5 Sister Act – PH 2014 Movie Remix

Lets see here.
The best example to follow, or one of the best and most recognizable sisterhood organizations is the one based at The Vatican in Italy, or most religious and cultural institutions in the galaxy, but perhaps an even better example is the one that is the word on the street regarding Black Women, AKA Sistas” who tend to find Khloé as the most like-able and easiest to identify with, out of the popular host of sisters on their reality show, which shows that in reality, Khloé, like many women in the world, actually are, in fact, sisters, or sistas in urban dictionary slang, whose role is to provide assistance.

Off To A Winning Start = Knowing Your Role, And Playing Your Part!


A “New World Orderly” perspective to consider.