CLASS IS IN SESSION – Professor Iggy Azalea Schools You To The Power And Value Of!!


Moral Of The Story (Ultimate Solution)


Greetings Earthlings and Welcome Home!

Now as a witty and level headed writer as described by Iggy above as her preference, that has been actively employed at this online magazine since 2002, before the concept of an Internet magazine existed, and different blog programs created templates to make it easy for any person who thought it was worth the effort to try and develop one( Online Magazine), it stands to reason that Iggy Azalea in 2015 has provided us with an opportunity to shape society as she puts it, by simply having a platform that allows her Twitter and other social media platforms and the straight from the soul conversation that she is professing there, to be placed on Life Experience Magazine in orderly alignment, where she as the featured public figure, who is also an avid reader with a preference for level headed and witty writings as stated above in her own words, can actually look to her own self as the writer of her own story and script, while we continue on with our duties here at which is to clean counters, sweep, and mop floors, maintaining a therapeutic working environment and functional support system for the ones that do work!


An “Azalean” perspective to consider.