(Repost) Good Vibrations- A Blast From The Past


(Editors Note – Tuesday January 27, 2015)
Article originally published on Jul 22, 2009 by Rylan Branch

good vibrations.

(End Note)

If you have been following along for long enough you already know the rules, which state that if there is a lack of GOOD NEWS, the best course of action is simply to CREATE some.

With that said, I decided to set the clocks back to the year in which this commercial for Sunkist soda was made, which was in 1984.

I have this theory that states that human beings actually do come equipped with a system restore application which is where the developers from Microsoft borrowed the idea from to use in their operating systems. What this allows is for you to set your system back to a date and time when things were functioning according to your own definition of better functionality , known as
Last Known Good Configuration.

In the name of effective brand building, I have simply cycled back to a time when positivity actually sold and was attractive and it is due to my stance in life , which is that while negative experienced results can be a cause of negative attitudes and behaviors, the reciprocal is also correct, which is that negative attitudes and behaviors are the cause of negative experienced results.

Since the one that is easiest to grab a hold of, at least for me, are my attitudes and behaviors, I simply grab hold and arrange them to be in alignment with the end results of my choosing. I then make use of the advancements of time by using the technology and adding in some color to make it congruent with the multi ethnic cast of characters that currently exists in the world at large who are also seeking the like.
Push the buttons, restart the system, and OJALA, it is!

If that is to scientific for your understanding, it can also be stated as always, which is that

What You See,
is What You Get


Got it?
Good, now on with the show!

A different perspective to consider.


Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin