SPRING FORWARD WITH FINANCIAL FITNESS!! – Staying Paid Is A High Priority @CityGirlSavings #MoneyMonday


Moral Of The Story (Financial Fitness Solution)

T.G.I.M (Thank God It’s Monday) #MoneyMonday!!

Lets see if we can put this “stay paid perspective” into practical terms by working in alignment with the important events that are currently occurring in both the tech and finance industries.

Today as listed above, the new Apple Watch and its release is the current talk of the town, and its main selling point is its connection with the new Apple Pay services that allows for seamless and effortless payment transactions for consumer goods and services.

Now interestingly enough, the Apple Pay service as well as other digital payment services all connect to individual and company financial institutions for the depositing and withdrawal of digital funds.

Still with us?

Ok, so now in order for there to be funds available for withdrawal or deposit (money in the bank), it requires that individuals take the appropriate steps to ensure that we both earn and save funds, which like anything else, all begins with a clear focus and prioritizing of how each of us invests our time and other human resources.

We mention digital funds as well as resources in regards to the Apple Watch and Apple Pay due to the fact that paying for things with social media likes, favorites, retweets, follows, and other online esteem tokens have not yet qualified themselves as valid forms of payment for valuable goods and services.

Thankfully, we do have some City Girls Saving The City at www.citygirlsavings.com, who are dedicated to helping others to attain and sustain financial fitness by providing resources that are guaranteed to help any individual, and particularly female socialites of the world, to have healthy bank accounts and credit scores in addition to the social success that they seek to attain and maintain by first and foremost deciding to prioritize financial fitness and successful social status as of equal importance.

Put in another way, as the popular saying goes.

“Romance Without Finance Is A Nuisance.”


A “financially fit and focused” perspective to consider.