#WCW SPECIAL AGENT TINASHE – Puttin’ In Work In Dubai, The Place Where They “Do Buy”! #NewEconomy


7 hours ago
أنا استمتعت كثيراً بوقتي في دبي و أنا أحب جمهوري العربي !

Go BIG or go home!! #wtfisagoldtogo #onlyindubai #thatgiggletho

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Private island vibes ♒️ #AbuDhabi #theLIFE #AquariusTour #Worldtour

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Bitch, we on a WORLD TOUR! #outrageous #Asbritneywouldsay #DUBAI #flexflex #AquariusTour

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Moal Of The Story (New Economy Solution)


Ok, and for some great news, just put yourself in my shoes as an author and script writer, and imagine what you felt like when you posted articles about Dubai and Abu Dhabi back in 2008, 2009, and 2010, with people asking you in both word and deed, if you were kinda reaching too far in regards to what is realistically attainable and within reason, and have your 2015 #NewEconomy response be to not ask me, but ask she, in the form of Tinashe and her world tour Instagram posts that are now being displayed on PimpHop.com from her second mission to the United Arab Emirates, even though Instagram was launched in October of 2010, after the three previous PH articles were posted.

It’s Secret Agent Tinashe @YourService!.

Another “P’ True Hollywood Story.