HONEY GETS MONEY!!! – Perception Is Reality Starring Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba

Mom of two, founder of TheHonestCompany, amatuer chef, terrible speller, loyal friend, hilarious at times, I play make believe for a living http://honest.com


Dr. Phil’s Ten Life Laws

Life Law #6: There is no reality, only perception.
Strategy: Identify the filters through which you view the world. Acknowledge your history without being controlled by it.

You know and experience this world only through the perceptions that you create. You have the ability to choose how you perceive any event in your life, and you exercise this power of choice in every circumstance, every day of your life. No matter what the situation, you choose your reaction, assigning meaning and value to an event.

We all view the world through individual filters, which influence the interpretations we give events, how we respond, and how we are responded to. Be aware of the factors that influence the way you see the world, so you can compensate for them and react against them. If you continue to view the world through a filter created by past events, then you are allowing your past to control and dictate both your present and your future.

Filters are made up of fixed beliefs, negative ideas that have become entrenched in your thinking. They are dangerous because if you treat them as fact, you will not seek, receive or process new information, which undermines your plans for change. If you “shake up” your belief system by challenging these views and testing their validity, the freshness of your perspective can be startling.

Source (Read More): http://drphil.com/articles/article/44

Moral Of The Story (Solution/Reality Of The Situation)

(Self Analysis – Monday June, 1, 2015 12;19 PM Pacific)

Ok, the problem with this guy Rylan Branch is that his perception of what he is beholding is grossly distorted, because he believes that these women that he encounters while online can really just get up and be on some true life rock star/movie star shit, and then he winds up continually disappointed when the point comes to take action, and they learn that he is actually serious about what he is saying, and the truth confirms that they are in reality, just on here fronting, perpetrating, and playing, so his work for this month is to make adjustments in this area of reality conflict, perception, and cast selection.

– RB

Lets see here.

T.G.I.M. (Thank God It’s Monday) and Welcome to June 2015!

Authentically speaking, the crazy ass idea and hair brained scheme, or at least one of them as I am full of them, is to have this online publication have an equal if not greater level of prestige and value than any of the popular household name print publications.

The challenge has been in getting people to see and embrace the validity of the new and improved concept since this in reality is “just a website” and not a “real magazine” or publication with tangible paper issues to offer, yet the saving grace has been in the ability to foresee the future which is now the present time where individuals who are actually featured on such said paper magazine print publications and even the publications themselves will actually post a digital image of the cover of the magazine and or a link to the online version of the publication on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, which according to my perception, due to the fact that each ends with a “.com” are all actually “just websites” along with this one in the form of an online publication that we are currently viewing this content on.

Now personal experience over the continuous twelve year history of this website/internet magazine being active online has confirmed a very interesting fact about reality, which according to some psychology experts and philosophers, is really individual and agreed upon group perceptions.

As an example….

There are some women, who will not take a feature or offer for a feature on PimpHop.com seriously due to the fact that they are the ones being featured or requested, and then there are a select few who in reverse will not take a feature or the publication itself seriously if they are NOT the ones being featured, due to the fact that they are the ones who need to be seen so that the others can have a role model to emulate both online and in their actual lives.

A classic example is with the beginnings of Playboy magazine, which tells/sells a story about how Hugh Hefner could not find anyone willing to rock with his idea that was revolutionary at the time of its inception, but a photographer friend of his knew of a Hollywood starlet who would be interested in setting it off according to her perception of life, which led to Marilyn Monroe being the first featured cover model which then set the standard or perception for all others to follow and emulate as a socially acceptable decision.

Now in this day and age, we have the likes of Jessica Alba, who as stated above in her Instagram bio, plays make believe for a lucrative living, and I guess that there again has to be a line drawn between what is fiction and what is factual, or what is reality, and what is fantasy, yet from the looks of what we are visualizing in the feature image above, from the perspective of yours truly according to my own perception, it seems that being a successful business woman as featured on the cover of Forbes is in all actuality, just another role that she plays and acts as a model for according to some form of a script that she is following, because her Instagram account features various images from her on screen and off screen work, which are actually both on screen when viewing them on Instagram as a part of her collective on going, interesting, and highly prosperous life story.

In closing, in my own personal opinion based on my own past history and personal experience, the fact that Jessica is from Pomona California, where we keep honest company, have certain streets and ideas in effect that are directly related to this overall story, is a confirmation of the real reasons why, when it comes to money and the understanding of what success and prosperity honestly entails, that she really really gets it, yet regardless, it is still on with the show because the show must go on, and it is confirmed that some do earn a pretty lucrative living writing and developing stories for others to star in as evident by the imagery above, and it is now simply matter of taking more effective steps to find or be found by the ones who are both willing and able to play make believe for a lucrative living, which begins with the ability to both perceive and act upon different scripts/perspectives to consider.