KNOWING WHAT SHE NEEDS – One Thing That I Do Like About Social Media Starring Nicki Minaj


Fuckin up a check check check check check check check


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Moral Of The Story (Solution/How Rylan’s Mind Works)


Three Steps Of Authenticity:

Step 1: Hop on the Face-Chat and the Insta-Tweet to see what lil mama is talking about.

Step 2: Get to the bottom or top of what her real needs truly are.

Step 3: Use my Super-Scientifical Pimp Powers to create something magical that effectively satisfies such said needs, and be handsomely paid in the process of doing the work that I enjoy and is definitely in demand, as demonstrated by the recently reposted Instagram meme from Nicki Minaj as posted above.

Got it?
Good, now on with the show!


A focused and clear minded perspective to consider.