THOU SHALT RESPECT THE PIMPIN – How Taylor Swift Was Able To Persuade Apple Music To Break Bread


Image from a Social Media post in May 2015 by Rylan Branch


Image from Billboard Music Article in 2014

We are starting the second full day of the 2015 Summer League with news about how Taylor Swift has broken the Internet literally, with her message to and response from Apple in regards to artists and entertainers getting paid in full, in exchange for the enjoyable work that they do, and this coming after what appears to be a consultation with Kendrick Lamar as featured in her wildly popular Bad Blood video viewed approximately 232 million times in less than 40 days of its release, which is the same Kendrick Lamar of the To Pimp A Butterfly album fame which confirms that Taylor Swift as well as many others find this ideology to be extremely helpful.

Another “P” True Hollywood Story.